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Hey, I'm Kayla!

Finding a career path that allowed me to channel my creativity into something I was deeply passionate about has been both a pursuit and a privilege. This journey led me to the distinguished role of a Platform Invisible Bead Extensions Artist, based in Palm Beach County, Florida. As I embarked on this path, I came to understand the unique and deeply personal connection each person has with their hair. With this insight, I specialized in Invisible Bead Extensions, color corrections, and rejuvenating treatments to breathe life back into damaged hair.

I approach my craft not just as a profession, but as a lifelong learning experience. Hair, in its beautiful complexity, requires continuous growth, study, and empathy. I am committed to that growth and to serving you with both skill and understanding.

Seventeen fulfilling years later, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to engage in work that I adore, with wonderful clients who inspire me daily. I invite you to join me on this collaborative journey, where your hair becomes a shared canvas, reflecting not just your external beauty but your inner uniqueness.

Kayla Orth

Getting to Know Me Better

Kayla with Son, Sisters, and Mother

 Born and raised in Florida, my journey into the world of hairstyling began at the tender age of 16 as a salon shampoo assistant. This initial experience provided me with a solid foundation and valuable hands-on training that has shaped my approach to hair care.
My personal life is infused with warmth and love. From enjoying a robust dark roast coffee (pumpkin spice is my go-to flavor!) to cherishing time with my high school sweetheart, Jared, our loving son Benjamin, and our old dog Flash, these joys keep me grounded. I'm also the eldest of four girls, and the bond with my mother and sisters has been a constant support and inspiration. Over the years, they've been wonderful live mannequins, allowing me to experiment and perfect my craft.
My passion for creativity extends to the kitchen as well. If I weren't styling hair, you'd likely find me cooking or baking, perhaps even nurturing my very own sourdough starter affectionately named Mrs. Puff.
When not in my salon, I treasure the moments spent with family, creating lasting memories that enrich my life. My experiences both within and outside the salon have shaped me into a professional who is not only proficient but also approachable, empathetic, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Let's connect over a cup of coffee and begin our collaboration on your unique hair journey.

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