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Unleash the Power of Invisible Bead Extensions 
Step into a world where your hair becomes a canvas for endless styling possibilities with Invisible Bead Extensions. This patented method is much more than a simple beauty technique – it's a way to empower you with the freedom to express yourself while keeping your hair's health at its core. It respects the delicate nature of your hair and scalp, blending seamlessly with your natural locks.
Whether you've been dreaming of boosting volume, adding length, or a combination of both, IBE offers a transformational journey that is fully tailored to you.
Global Platform IBE Artist
GreetiAs your personal stylist, I'm thrilled to have the privilege of working alongside you in this exciting journey. Each visit is a chance for me to bring out the best in your hair, not only enhancing its beauty but also ensuring its health and vibrancy. My love for hair artistry is a constant learning adventure. Over the past 3 years, I've dedicated myself to mastering the Invisible Bead Extensions method, attending all four Master Classes, and proudly presenting 50 rows of my work for thorough evaluation. This dynamic learning process has now elevated me to the status of a Platform IBE® artist. Yet, I humbly embrace the fact that every day is an opportunity for fresh growth and discovery. Rest assured, your hair is in hands that are not only skilled but dedicated to improvement. I'm committed to you and your hair, and I can't wait to offer you top-notch service filled with care and understanding.

As a Next Gen Educator with the Platform Artist Team, I engage with local cosmetology schools to motivate and enlighten the upcoming generation of hairstylists about the transformative potential of becoming an IBE® stylist for their professional growth.

What to Expect During Your Consultation
In our consultation, I truly want to understand you, your feelings towards your hair, and the unique characteristics that make it yours. I understand how deeply personal hair can be and how it can influence self-esteem. Rest assured, this is a safe and understanding space where we can explore your hair aspirations together. We will take this journey step-by-step, discussing all possibilities and creating a roadmap to reach your goals, always considering your comfort and confidence. Once we agree on the best services for you, I'll take utmost care in matching your hair shade for a perfect, seamless blend that feels just right for you. To secure your transformation appointment, I'll then collect a non-refundable retainer. Remember, this journey is all about enhancing your natural beauty and helping you feel your absolute best.

Investment in Your Hair Transformation
The extensions or wefts are a separate cost from each row and listed below by length.
The initial row installation is priced at
$400, inclusive of extension coloring and conditioning, the installation itself, a tailored cut to blend, an at-home care kit, and style.

Each additional row thereafter is priced at $300 per row.
Investment in Hair Extensions
14” - $95 per weft  
16" - $137+ per weft  
18” - $155+ per weft  
22” - $252+ per weft  

24” - $270 +per weft

*Please note, these prices are a starting point. Some textures and colors may vary in price.
Typically, 3-6 wefts per row are required, lasting generally between 7-12 months with appropriate product use.
Keeping Your Extensions in Peak Condition
Maintaining your luscious locks is straightforward. Your move-up schedule will be tailored to your hair and lifestyle, generally expected every 6 to 8 weeks. During this appointment, I'll remove and reinstall your wefts and beads, then expertly resew in your wefts. Please arrive with clean, dry hair, as washing or blow-drying is not included in this service. If required, color maintenance can be scheduled simultaneously for an additional cost. The cost for each row reinstall is $300.

Tips for Daily Hair Care
- Brush and oil your hair twice a day - morning and night.
- Never sleep with wet hair. Dry the top of the wefts to prevent damage.
-Sleep with your hair in a braid or top knot.
- Limit washing to no more than twice a week.
- Ensure your hot tools do not exceed 360 degrees.

Start Your Hair Journey
Ready for a transformation? To kickstart your hair journey, simply fill out the form below.

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